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Buying a Home With a Low Credit Score- Here's What You Should Know.

Traditionally, it’s been recommended that prospective homebuyers try to ensure that their credit score is as high as possible before shopping for a mortgage loan. Many large banks won't even consider lending to people with a credit score lower than 620, which knocks a lot of people out of the running for homeownership. The unique thing about EPM is that we are NOT like those big banks and have many mortgage options for borrowers with credit scores as low as 500. But there are some things you should know and be prepared for if you fall into this category and are looking to get a home loan....Read More

Demystifying Closing Costs for First Time Buyers

This week we’ve put together a list of all the closing costs every first-time buyer will want to be aware of. Keep in mind that if you are applying for a VA or FHA loan, these costs will vary, and the buyer may cover some costs, but you can expect conventional loans will include the following:...Read More

Qualifying for a Home Loan When You're Self Employed

Self-Employment has its perks from a financial standpoint. People who are self-employed often report enjoying having a better work-life balance, higher earning potential, and they have more control over how to structure those earnings to reach financial freedom....Read More

Applying for a VA Home Loan? Here's What You'll Need

While looking for the best type of home loan for you, there’s a lot to keep in mind. The reason a VA loan is so desirable to prospective homeowners is because- unlike conventional and FHA loans we have discussed in other blog posts- if you or your spouse has served in the United States Armed forces, you have some great opportunity for savings. You aren’t required to have a downpayment and you won’t pay private mortgage insurance because VA loans are backed by the federal government. You’ll also qualify for competitive mortgage rates!...Read More

6 Ways to Check if you are Ready to Refinance your Mortgage

Refinancing your home can be a great way to shorten the length of time you are paying on your mortgage, or a way to save on monthly payments and have more money to put towards other things. It’s a complex option, and it is important to know some of the pros and cons to assess whether this is the right time to refinance. Rates are at historic lows right now, and it is tempting to take advantage. EPM has some questions to ask yourself as you begin the research process about whether you’re ready to refi or not....Read More

FHA vs Conventional Loans: Which is Better for You?

There are lots of programs and pathways to getting into the homebuying market. For first-time homebuyers especially, two types of low downpayment loans are FHA and Conventional loans. Your Lender at EPM can help you take a deeper look and decide which mortgage is right for you. But we also want to take some common questions and lay out the pros and cons of both types of mortgage loans, so you can get a head start on understanding what the lending requirements are, and which type of loan might fit your needs best....Read More

What Homebuyers Should Know About Private Mortgage Insurance

EPM helps all kinds of consumers get the perfect loan for their new home. If you’re getting an FHA mortgage loan, or a conventional mortgage loan with a down payment of less than 20%, you’re going to be required to get PMI or Private Mortgage Insurance. This is insurance for your lender, and covers them in case buyers stop making payments on their mortgage loan....Read More

Our Guide to a Pet Friendly Home

Some of the most valued members of our family have four legs instead of two. Our pets are our best friends and most loyal companions. Our homes are their home, so we want our space to be a safe and functional space for them. We’ve broken this guide down to three areas every pet owner should consider when making your house a home for your furry friend....Read More

Should you List your Home as For Sale By Owner?

So, you’ve decided to sell your home! Now what? One big consideration that comes up for a lot of people early on is deciding if you want to sell your home yourself or hire a real estate agent to sell it for you. Both choices have pros and cons and we want to help you understand what choice is right for you. This week we’re outlining the pros and cons of selling your home yourself when it comes to three major aspects of the home selling process....Read More

Top Tips for Buying Your First Home in your 20s

The lenders at EPM specialize in helping first-time buyers become proud homeowners. With that said, there are some tips to make the task more accessible and less stressful for you. There is no reason you can’t find the perfect home in your 20s, but we’ve got some special considerations for you so you don’t end up with buyer’s remorse down the line....Read More

Tips On How To Get Your Mortgage Approved Faster

As a mortgage broker, your top priority is to get your clients’ mortgage applications approved. After all, their satisfaction is key to your success, strong reputation in the industry and profitability. One way to ensure that your clients are happy with the service they receive is to speed their mortgage approval. So, how can you achieve this for your clients? Here, we take a closer look at some top tips to streamline the process for your clients’ benefit....Read More

Our Favorite Must-Reads for Homeowners

Whether you’re preparing to own your first home or settling into the house of your dreams, you’ll want to equip yourself with lots of resources to help you along your way. We’ve compiled a list of great reads that will help you tackle any challenges you may face as a new homeowner....Read More

5 Ways to Increase Your Credit Score

Many of us start a new year with financial goals in mind. Some of us are looking ahead and preparing to make some big purchases. Whether it’s buying a new car, a house, or refinancing your current home- your credit score is going to be crucial in making your dreams become a reality. Here are five ways you can improve your credit score and be on your way to meeting your financial goals this year!...Read More

5 Things Home Buyers Can Expect After Your Loan is Clear to Close

Buying a home can be both exciting and stressful. You go from pre-approval, to finding the right home, and once you get through the initial purchase agreement and lending estimate your brain might already be buzzing with information overload. A good lending team like the trusted pros at EPM will make sure you understand all the terms of your loan, and you have the right information, advice, and documentation you need to feel prepared before the underwriting process begins. Your lending officer and underwriter will take you to that finish line, and get your loan Clear to Close!...Read More